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Hear us

  1. Five Brothers
  2. Swing House *
  3. Bernie's Tune *
  4. Three Cheeses & a Chair *
  5. Chet M Gerry
  6. Frénési **
  7. All the things you are *
  8. Tea for Two
  9. Westwood Walk *
  10. Line for Lyons

*    Live Péristyle Opéra de Lyon **   Live at Presles

Westalk Quartet

 Malo Mazurié  trumpet

 Jérôme Nicolas  baritone sax

 Jean Pierre Almy  double bass

 Gildas Étévenard  drums



The quartet was brought to life by the band members' shared love of West Coast Jazz. Gerry Mulligan’s themes, whose harmonies are shaped by melodic conversations, helped to define our sound and led to the creation of original compositions.



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